Thursday, September 5, 2013

Photos from most of August

Shark baby

Summer is almost gone!

Chicago parks have sand boxes.  I have yet to find a sand box in Bloomington.

This was such a fun afternoon.  Harp loved seeing the water splash up onto the barriers.

Auntie time!

Water babies.

Sneaking some grub to the dad.

At our local farmer's market.  The hula hoop lady brings about 25 hoops of all different sizes.

Auntie came down to visit.  Her phone was a huge hit.

Other huge hits...Harper's face with a step.  Ow!

Fun abounds.

"Auntie, this is how you water the garden."

Uh oh.

Harper's first day of daycare.

I was trying to get some doula work done and Baxter insisted on sitting behind me.

I have a website!

Bruegala with my Mr.

Such a great evening at the BCPA.

Corn fest in Normal.

Harper figured out the seatbelt.  Awesome.

My business cards!

Aren't they cool?

Some friends got married.  Harp was keepin' it classy with her had and dress.  I was merely her highness's entourage.

Harper's new wheels.   Thanks Grandma!

Lily was much more excited to play with Harper at the wedding than Harper was.  She pretty much stayed glued to me.

After a rough day at daycare, it was necessary to be shoeless, in the water, with a smoothie.

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