Thursday, July 18, 2013

East Coast Trip: phone pic edition

There's fireworks there.  And NewYork City.  It was such a great perk to traveling on the 4th!
At the Chapel at Sandy Hook, NJ.
The water table became her personal swimming pool.
Taking great care (in this picture at least) in filling the water table.
I never asked why my brother has stilts, but they were a hit.
The water table, bubbles, playdoh, and crayons were used everyday we were there.
Harper escaping a water fight.
And then she follows the fight giggling.
Harper finally got to meet Janet!
She is mom to all and one of the reasons my bf Sarah turned out so great.  Harper was thrilled with her.
One of the great things about kids is when you get them together, they are less work.  Harper was content to do what they did most of the time.  This was a self directed coloring quiet time.
My brother found a table and chairs on craigslist for $10!  He already refinished the table (and it is awesome) and I started in sanding a chair. The wood is so pretty, but hidden under they type of finish it has. 
A project I was happy to help with was recovering the seat cushions.  This is the after.   Mom and I went on a goose chase for fabric after Joann's was closed unexpectedly, and found a great window panel that we cut up.
The before.
It was a gabillion degrees.  Here we're hiding in one of the rooms with AC and watching Sesame Street on my Nook.  It was great to snuggle.
This is the finished art work that Harper was making when she also painted herself (in the previous post).  It's framed and on the wall.  I love it!

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