Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter tradition continues

 There is an Easter tradition in the Swift House: you have to work for your basket!  Work in a fun way...

Harper is a still too little to live out the full tradition, but we had an abbreviated version this year.  It works like this:
A string is attached to the Easter basket.  The string is strung in an elaborate maze through the house, upstairs, down stairs, through awkward spaces and around just about everything in sight.  When the child wakes up, the other end of this string is at their bed, and they have to rewind the string, following it on it's path through the house.  At the end, their reward is the basket! 

When Dan first told me about this I LOVED it and hoped Dan would be up for continuing it (as it was Dan's Dad's responsibility to do the stringing).  We tried it this year, just in two rooms on the mail level, and it was...tricky.  Harper was more interested in running through the string that was zig zagging across everything, but there were laughs and it was fun to watch. 



Harper was super tuckered after all this, along with a great visit with Gram and Grandpa, as well as some cousins.  She slept VERY well on the drive home.

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