Friday, March 1, 2013

Valentine's craft

 It is long past valentine's day, but February has been a trying month.  I decided to try introducing paint to Harper by way of a home made stamp.  (Stamp idea was via Ciara, via Pinterest).  It is a toilet paper roll that is squeezed and taped into the shape of a heart.  It is chunky enough that Harp can grab it easily, and control it (sort of). 

I think they turned out pretty well!

 The first time, I had her in her high chair, but it turned into a huge mess pretty quickly (not shown!) 

 I especially like the hand prints and smudges. 

 I cut the one sheet in to smaller sections for cards - which seemed way easier than having her paint on individual cards.  I used a marker to outline some of the shapes to emphasize their shape and BAM!  We have valentine's day cards!

 Round two was taped to the table.  It went much smoother.  Harp was standing on a chair and had more leverage to press down. 

 The last, but first craft we did was make a heart garland that hung in our "mailbox" window, or the window we look out to watch the mailman deliver our fan mail. 

I would assemble, and Harper would hold the stapler. 

It was great fun. 

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