Monday, May 7, 2012

A little bit of poppa and momma

Harper and Dan hanging out before we met with our wedding officiant this last weekend in Chicago.  Dan's hands are endlessly entertaining to Harp.

And feet.  Harper thinks  (her) feet are amazing.  And tasty.  

Harper also likes giraffes.

This is me and Harper this evening. 
When it's time to settle down for the night, Harper usually takes that time to practice her screams.  She isn't a fan of complete darkness, and getting her to go to sleep has been increasingly difficult this past week.  She'll wake up every 2 hours screaming like I'm stabbing her feet, and I can only console her with a bottle.  Last night that meant 3 oz of milk every two hours.  Whoa.  Tonight I tried wearing her around in an effort to calm her down before trying for our night-time routine and as you can see below...

...she took to it quite nicely.  I wore her for about 30 minutes, just bobbing up and down the hall and swaying in front of the TV while The Voice was on.  I went into the room to see Dan, and when I looked in the mirror, she was out  I kept her on for another five minutes to make sure she had "limp limbs" then put her in her bed.  We'll see how long she stays down.  

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