Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oh What A Night

We had a rough night last night.  To be fair, it has been a long while so we were probably due.  Harper and I went to bed at 8:30 - a miracle!  At 11, she was crying out in her sleep and couldn't be lulled to peace.  That began the walk around the living room.  We had a thunder and lightning storm, so we watched the rain, and talked about what its like living in Washington, and how it was just a baby rain compared to what she would see there. 

We were both getting super sleepy, so about 1230 I tried to nurse her back to sleep.  She kept latching on then yanking off, waving her arms about and thrashing her head from side to side.  I heard a little burple near 1 AM, lifted her up to keep burping, and then she exploded.  Projectile vomit!  She was soaked, I was soaked, and our sofa was soaked.  Gross. 

Harper, however, was totally proud of herself, and while I was finding new pjs for her and I, she was rolling on the ground laughing and grabbing her toes. 

And then she was up for three more hours.  I did the dishes, started her diapers in the wash, took out the garbage (a little walk in the rain can do a tired momma good), and downloaded the fonts needed to edit our wedding invitations.

Eventually Harper let me lay her down, she eventually let me nurse her, and she eventually slept. 

I'm just glad today is Sunday and I don't have to try and go to work after that. 

Another plus, when I came out to pump this morning, Dan walked in from smoking and I said, "Oh, I thought you were going to have donuts with you." 
"What kind do you want?"
"I'll be right back."

And now I have donuts to eat. 


  1. You have a good man there, Ariel Swift. Tell him to keep up the good work.

    Sorry the Harp-star was such a fuss-muffin last night. Normally, projectile vomiting on that level does not start until the 5th or 6th beer. What are you giving her to turn her into a little frat boy?

    I hope the smell isn't too bad on the sofa. :)

  2. Life is good!!! I am so proud of you as new parents!